Power of Intention


The grief journey is different for everyone. We have basic road maps, but no definitive way to grieve.

 Some  of us can and do heal. 

For some, though, it can take a lifetime to find a place of acceptance for their loss. It is important that we honor our feelings of loss in whatever form they manifest. We miss the physical presence of our family member or friend and the void left by their death can seem overwhelming.

The important thing is not to set limits on our grief journey or our ability to heal. 

We can begin the healing process immediately. Yes, it is a process to find our balance, but when we lift our perceived limitations off the traditional grief experience, we can also lift our perceived limitations off our ability to heal. We realize anything is possible, even healing our grief.

 It is Possible:

 It is possible to get through the devastation of loss.

It is possible to get past the physical and emotional pain of grief.

It is possible to arrive at a place of balance and wisdom.

It is possible to discover the lesson and the gift in the experience.

It is possible to heal your heart and live a life filled with joy and happiness. 

To learn more about healing your grief I invite you to read Cracking the Grief Code.

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We know you are hurting. You miss your child or loved one so much you can hardly breathe. You may even feel guilt over their passing. You may also feel guilty for laughing or smiling or just doing something normal because your loved one can no longer do those things. 

I felt that way too.

But I discovered that allowing myself to feel again and join life - yes, even laugh and smile - I was then able to remember my son with love in my heart and think of the wonderful memories and experiences that we had together. I also discovered that giving back or helping others in some way aided my healing.

This all started when I decided that I could create whatever grief journey I wanted. I was not going to be limited by other people's beliefs. It was mine alone to experience. I decided that it my intention was to heal. I then moved forward in that direction.

Cracking the Grief Code was written to help others who have courageously stepped forward with the intention to heal.

God bless you all on this challenging journey. 

                         Much love,