My Christopher with his big brown eyes and heart was a loving father and son. He was kind and thoughtful and filled with the spirit of adventure. Both he and his sister, Kristin, had big plans to change the world through film. So when he was killed in a motorcycle accident February 4, 2006 we thought that dream had ended.

What we were unable to see at the time was that the adventure was just beginning. Because we were willing to listen to God and spirit, we were able to communicate with Chris on the other side. He has helped to guide us on an incredible journey of discovery that life is truly eternal and he is safe and loved.

From the other side, Christopher has helped me to write four books, opened doors, and brought wonderful like minded people into my life, including Peter Shockey, producer/director of the award winning documentary Life After Life, and the Hallmark Channel Series Miracles, Angels & Afterlife.

Together we are in the process of filming a new documentary to help bring hope and comfort to those in grief by giving them the opportunity to understand the eternal nature of the soul and that life does not end with physical death but continues on. 

The Gift

What I have come to realize is that not only was Christopher's life a gift but his death as well. It was a catalyst, an opportunity to awaken to God, Spirit, and my authentic self and the power and potential as an eternal being. Through Christopher I have discovered my mission in life; the one I had forgotten as a child.

Without my loss I never would have had the incredible experiences with spirit that confirms my lifelong knowing that we are more than just a physical body. Through my son's sacrifice for my spiritual awakening, I am able to share my experiences with others so that they too may find comfort that life is eternal and death is just a metamorphosis. 

I love you son. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your mother.