Hi, I'm Virginia Hummel

In 2006, my 25 year-old son was killed in a motorcycle accident. Afterwards, I experienced the miracle of contact with him. This connection helped me to shift my perception of death, reframe my grief experience and reclaim a life filled with joy and happiness. 

We are the author's of our grief journey. While it is very important to honor our grief, sadness, pain and loss, we can, at the same time, reach out to Spirit and experience the miracle of contact with our loved one. Through after death communication we can heal our grief, move forward without pain to honor our loved one's memory and live a life filled with happiness.

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Seek Reality Radio Host Roberta Grimes Interviews Virginia about Reincarnation

Virginia Hummel knows the grief of losing a child to  accidental death. She has been in close contact with Chris since his  passing, and when he announced that he was about to be reborn as her  grandchild, Virginia was initiated into a phenomenon that is apparently not that uncommon!  

Seek Reality Radio Host Roberta Grimes Interviews Virginia about the Orb Phenomenon

Orbs are translucent globes of light that are often  photographed with digital cameras, especially those on iPhones. Virginia  Hummel, “the Orb Whisperer,” gives us convincing evidence that what we  see as orbs are actually living spirits, including our loved ones come  to visit with us!

WE DON"T DIE Radio Host Sandra Champlain Interviews Virginia

Sandra Champlain, radio host and author interviews Virginia Hummel about her new book Cracking the Grief Code.

Lee Witting Interview Virginia's premonitions of her son's death.

How does one explain the little boys  premonition of his own death on Malaysian flight MH17? For Virginia  Hummel, the signs and premonitions before her son’s death were no  coincidence.