Cracking the Grief Code

Woven from Virginia's own grief journey and others who have suffered loss, Cracking the Grief Code offers a ground breaking way to heal your grief. Following the death of her youngest son, Virginia traversed her grief journey with dogged determination to connect with the afterlife and uncover the workings of a divine plan. Along the way, she discovered other people with similar experiences plus a powerful technique she  shares with you that lifted her from deep grief to joy and miracles.  

"Written from the heart, this book will transport readers from grief and despair to wonder and reassurance that their deceased children and others are alive and well in another dimension we usually call heaven."


-Bill Guggenheim, author of Hello From Heaven


Miracle Messenger: Signs From Above, Love From Beyond

A family's remarkable account of life after death. What if we didn't die? What if we just transitioned? What if there were SIGNS telling us that we really are eternal beings?

 In the aftermath of a deadly accident comes an inspirational collection of uplifting, true stories of contact from the Other Side. These heartwarming, sometimes  painful stories of faith, divine intervention and the power of love  provide the reader the opportunity to view their own loss in a new light and discover the infinite way of 

eternal love. 


Orbs and the Afterlife: Survival of the Soul

Discover the link between the orb phenomenon and our true identities as  eternal souls. Drawn from Virginia’s years of research and experience  with the orb phenomenon, she includes over one hundred sixty photographs, and stories from around the world corroborating this connection—validated by doctors, scientists and 

healthcare workers. 

Her connection with the orb phenomenon started with the appearance of a brilliant ball of light or orb, twenty months after the death of her son. From there, it led to people, places, research and experiences that revealed the workings of a divine plan and clues to our eternal nature 

hidden in plain sight.